Cameo and its upstairs VIP lounge Vice are housed in the historic Cameo Theater on Washington Avenue where punk rockers raged with live performances in the 1980s. Cameo is now operated by the Opium Group which has produced such top clubs as Mansion, Louis and Set.



Miami Beach nightlife visionary Eric Milon, who previously established the Living Room as a glamorous tropical waypoint for east-coast A-listers and European jet-setters in the early ’90s, now present us with Mansion, a club that has become the prime destination for Hollywood celebs and the hippest crowd in South Florida.



Of the hundreds of clubs that have populated Miami Beach over the past decade, none has been more influential on the South Beach cult of celebrity than LIV at the Fontainebleau hotel.



Mokai, now in its second incarnation under the wing of the Opium Group, continues on in its prime mission of providing a festive atmosphere for the exceedingly hip among us.

Maybe it’s the DJ’s music selection, or maybe it’s the club’s location on 23rd Street, but something is definitely responsible for the floating party that Mokai produces several nights each week. Once we figure it out, we’ll report back.


Set Nightclub

Maybe it’s the 8-foot elephant tusks curving suggestively skyward that set the tone at the Opium Group’s club on Lincoln Road called Set. Then again, it could be the lingerie-clad (barely) dancers encased in plexi-glass cylinders, or the svelte young ladies grooving atop Makassar ebony tables that let you know you’ve entered a different sort nightlife venue.


Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach’s Sunday afternoon beach soirees are as infamous as South Beach nightlife itself. Here, you’ll find dedicated nightlife impresarios, models, playboys and jet setters worshipping the nightlife during the day.


Club Space

Club Space is one of Miami’s longest running nightclubs on record, having opened in 2000. The club’s mentor, Louis Puig, began his nightlife career at Club Z in the early 1980’s and went on to create Miami’s first club with a 24-hour operating permit.

Space has a long history of bringing top talent to Miami and is responsible for the careers of many top DJs.


The Room

The hardest thing about The Room is giving someone directions to it—you can be standing right in front of it and still not see it. So, just to get you headed in the right direction, it’s halfway between Collins and Washington Avenues in the 100 block, around the corner from Prime 112 and Story nightclub.


Wall at the W South Beach

The W South Beach Hotel carefully brands every guest amenity with their signature W, so it’s only fitting that they chose Wall Lounge as the name of their prime nightlife venue.

And prime it is. Wall’s celebrity guest list reads like a Hollywood who’s-who that frequents this elegant and decidedly upscale lounge, which is small enough to fall into “boutique lounge” category.