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We can guarantee you that it is difficult to find a better place to have yacht holidays than Miami. Florida’s coast, that is pretty famous among the global elite, attracts thousands of the most fashionable yachts’ owners.

Sailing around bays is a special pleasure. You can experience a feeling of the harmony with the marine nature and a perfect mechanism being only in the driver’s seat. It is not a problem if you don’t have own yacht because with the service of yacht rental in Miami we can organize for you the unforgettable sailing along the coasts of the best in the world yacht resort.

  • 70` Azimut

    Built to let you travel to the far reaches of the world’s oceans with every luxury amenity available for the most discerning owner.

  • 90` Warren Yacht

    Equipped with every possible comfort, the 240-foot yacht is more like a cruise ship than a personal yacht.

  • 122` Oceanfast

    The 230-foot yacht can fulfill all your wishes and dreams on the water.

  • 160` Delta Marine

    Nicely styled yacht, that combines bespoke service in a relaxed environment with privacy, can make your holidays exceeding all expectations.

  • 55` Azimut

    This yacht is another step forward in luxury multihull design with a superb concept for 210-foot mega power yachts.

  • 62` Azimut Flybridge

    Built to comfortably accommodate up to your guests in comfort and privacy, this yach is the best choice for clients who are looking for an extraordinary design and construction.

  • 68` Azimut

    The versatile luxury yacht that is perfect for private use and chartering.

  • 100` Eagle Yachts

    The 180-foot yacht will surprise you with its lower fuel consumption, long range and superb living space with the best comfort and intimacy for the owner and his guests.

  • 80` Lazzara

    It is the yacht, where proven technologies, innovative design and rich interiors are perfectly blended with sea-keeping capabilities and its beautiful performance.

  • Rodriquez Luxury Catamaran

    The yacht that is meant to put more pleasure into your and your friends’ holidays.

  • 54` Searay

    Created as luxurious and technically advanced watercraft, this yacht is your pass into the world of comfort.

  • 96` Sunseeker

    The 140-foot yacht is the combination of the clever lifestyle design with an exacting eye for details from start to finish with ultramodern technologies.

  • 60` Sunseeker Manhattan/a>

    Gain a real freedom with this modern and stylish 130-foot yacht!

  • 80` Sunseeker Predator

    The 120-foot yacht with its great characteristics will make you feeling yourself like being at home.

  • 94` Lazzara Yachts

    The 110-foot yacht is a luxurious and highly capable watercraft able to turn your dreams about a perfect getaway into reality.