Villa Glacia
Rate $650 per night + tax


  • Area: 145 sqm
  • Spaciousness: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Special Offer: 0
A partially furnished apartment for rent located in the heart of Americas hippest neighborhood according to Forbes Magazine. Asides the beautiful scenery and cozy decor, there are cafes and bars around to lounge in. Find furnished apartments for rent, that comes with all the utilities you need for as long as is required. There are a lot of furnished homes for rent by owners, located in silver lake and we are everywhere you look! Simply search for furnished apartments for rent short-term near me and you will find our array of vacation rentals to choose from. These apartment complexes are specially put together for that home away feel you deserve. Have you been planning a special getaway for so long that you only are able to get to it now? This one bedroom apartment knows no season, all thats needed is your resolve and you can get your own special furnished apartments for rent.

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  • Per Half Day (4hrs)

    $1 300$1 170
  • Per Half Day (6hrs)

    $2 100$1 920
  • Per Half Day (8hrs)

    $2 600$2 340
  • Per Week (7 days)

    $15 600$14 040

*Special price for Pugachev Service Members.

  • Half day charter is 4 hours; Full day charter is 8 hours
  • Please bring cash for gratuity for captain and crew. Gratuity can be paid with your credit card on file. There will be an additional 3% convenience fee for any gratuity paid via credit card.
  • 100% drug free/smoke free boat; however some boats allow cigarette smoking on the aft deck.
  • All boats come with captain and insurance is included.
  • For day charters fuel is included for idle/trolling speed around local areas. For high speed cruising fuel is charged extra.
  • For multi-day charters, a standard 30% APA is collected. The 30% APA covers expenses during your charter including fuel, docking fees and food and beverage. If there is any money left over in the APA after your charter, you can choose to apply these funds towards a crew gratuity or YachtLife can return the funds back to you.
  • We love animals and would feel terrible if they get seasick, so as a general rule no pets allowed.
  • All vessels come with life jackets, emergency and first aide kits. If you have known allergies or medical requirements, please bring spare medication in the event of an emergency.
  • Photo ID and credit card required at pickup. If you are foreign you must travel with your passport.
  • Pick up time is up to you, your day begins at the time stated in the signed Charter Agreement.
  • You must be 21 years or older to book.
  • Check out our FAQ or tap "Ask a question" below if you have any comments or concerns.