For those who dream of visiting Italy, the Carpaccio Restaurant in Bal Harbour will be a surprisingly pleasant discovery. The restaurant is typical Italian with an emphasized calm and cozy atmosphere.

Carpaccio Restaurant is located in the mall of Bal Harbor Shops, away from the boiling nightlife. On days of big holidays and festivals, places will have to stand in a big line. Check availability in advance. In the offseason, you can just get here without any queue. But this does not happen often. Part of the tables is taken out to fresh air.

Among celebrities there are many fans of Carpaccio cuisine. The restaurant is friendly to visitors with children and is deservedly one of the best restaurants on the coast.

Carpaccio does not have a table reservation system, only in a live queue, but for our guests we are ready to reserve seats in the restaurant, stand in line and provide a car with a Russian-speaking driver. How do we do this? We have an agreement and we are ready to share with you our privileged status.




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