Island of antique luxury, Gianni's restaurant in Miami Beach - the only combination in the world of unbridled luxury, true talent and brilliant taste. This must be tried.

The average bill at Gianni's restaurant is around $250. This is a bit for an institution of this level. We can say that the owners of the institution have relied on affordable prices.

The restaurant in Villa Versace is one of the most pathos of Miami Beach. Be sure to visit. Feel royally. Excellent quality dishes prepared by the most famous chefs and a great selection of expensive wines.

Celebrities adore Gianni's restaurant and spend their personal holidays in it. In fact, they are right. Where else to celebrate, if not in Miami. Madonna, Sting, Cher are frequent visitors to Gianni's restaurant. The legendary artist, the first owner of Casa Casuarina, set the bar high, and the current owners are trying not to drop it. They do it very well.




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