Hakkasan Miami Beach is a restaurant specializing in Chinese cuisine, but with good European service. Cooking style can be defined as fusion.

All dishes are fancy, sophisticated and incredibly tasty. Without looking at the menu, you will not always be able to guess what is in your plate. The creativity of the cooks at the highest level. Despite the undoubted skill of the cooks and great attention to the design of dishes, the portions are quite large. You will have time not only to touch the high kitchen, but also how to try it.

All dishes are distinguished by excellent freshness and bright juicy taste. Be sure to try the offer from the chef. Signature crispy duck recipes are a miracle. We highly recommend local original cocktails according to special recipes.

Prices for expensive and cheap dishes are very different. You can save on lunch by choosing inexpensive dishes, you can order a Peking duck for $200. The average bill is about $60.




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