Restaurant Juvia in Miami is located on the roof of a high-rise in a glass attic. To create a unique interior on the roof of a skyscraper, master architects from Venice were specially issued.

We can say with confidence that the restaurant Juvia in Miami Beach has the best panoramic view from the panoramic windows. The windows overlook the bay. Embankments and beaches are a bird's eye view. The ceiling in some parts of the restaurant is also glass. The famous vertical garden of the Juvia restaurant is a real place of pilgrimage for designers and artists looking for inspiration.

The room is air-conditioned, you can enjoy wonderful views in any weather.

The greatest pleasure in Juvia is to sit quietly all evening in a comfortable and refined setting, away from the heat, with a bottle of good wine. The restaurant is atmospheric. It’s good and easy to think, great ideas come to mind.

Juvia Miami Beach Restaurant is a place so beautiful that it is breathtaking.




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