Seaspice is a Miami restaurant and the perfect place for a cocktail party.

Pay attention to the chip of the restaurant — seafood is served on a dish with sea salt. Ordinary American guys who have drunk rather weak but tasty cocktails to complete disgrace, often try to eat a “side dish”.

Some even manage to swallow a couple of spoons. Consider we have warned you. Take your camera with you.

Take the octopuses; they are magnificent. Of course, take scallops on a salt dish. Note. The portions are small and very spicy, causing a strong thirst. Cocktails are expensive. However, if you have been to Moscow clubs, you will not find anything new.

The cocktails at Seaspice are too light on the palate. Do not try to really get drunk with them. The Americans will succeed. Just enjoy the richness of flavors, bartenders are trying.

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